Motorola PMNN4417BR Lithium 1600mAh DP2400e/DP4400e IMPRES Battery

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Detailed Information

Motorola PMNN4417BR is a 1600mAh Lithium Ion IMPRES battery for the DP4000 (non-enhanced) series.

Compatible Radios

  • Motorola DP2400e
  • Motorola DP4600e
  • Motorola DP4400e
  • Motorola DP4401e
  • Motorola DP4600e
  • Motorola DP4601e
  • Motorola DP4800e
  • Motorola DP4801e

Motorola DP & DP-Enhanced Batteries

Please take note of this table. Whilst some batteries are suitable for both types of DP2 & DP4 series radios, some are specifically designed for use with DP2000 & DP4000 non-enhanced OR DP2000 and DP4000-enhanced. Please ensureyou select the correct battery for your radio.

How to find out what radio you have: Look at the back of the radio. At the top there's a name badge that will either say DP4400 or DP4400e "e" means your radio is from the "enhanced" series (replace DP4400 with the model of your radio).

DescriptionNon-enhanced (IP56/57)Enhanced (IP67/68)
Li-Ion 1600mAh CE Battery PMNN4416BR -
Li-Ion 1650mAh CE Battery - PMNN4406BR
IMPRES Li-Ion 1600mAh CE Battery PMNN4407AR PMNN4417BR
IMPRES Li-Ion 2100mAh CE Battery - PMNN4491A
IMPRES Li-Ion 2250mAh CE Battery PMNN4409/AR/BR PMNN4418BR
IMPRES Li-Ion 2800mAh CE Battery PMNN4448AR PMNN4448AR
IMPRES Li-Ion 3000mAh CE Battery - PMNN4493A
IMPRES Li-Ion 3000mAh CE Battery (for use with Vibrating Belt Clip) - PMNN4488A
IMPRES Li-ion IP68 1950T -30 Degrees
(Coming Soon, replaces PMNN4435AR)
(DP2000e Series Only)
- PMNN4490A
IMPRES Li-ion TIA4950 Low Volt IP68 2900T
(DP4000e Series Only)
- PMNN4489A
IMPRES TIA4950 Intrinsically Safe
(DP4000 Series Only)
NNTN8560 -
IMPRES Li-Ion 2350mAh FM
(DP4000 Series Only)
NNTN8129AR -

DP4x0xe (DP4000e) "enhanced" series: This battery will fit and work in the enhanced series. However, the enhanced series have a new low voltage selection of batteries which allows you to get more from your radio. Therefore, you should only really use enhanced series batteries with the enhanced series radios.

ATEX Incompatible: This battery is not compatible with the DP4401-Ex or DP4801-Ex ATEX series radios. This is not an ATEX battery. Whilst the charging profile is the same, and the batteries look similar, the radio connection profile is different and it does not fit. For DP4000-ATEX batteries, please see the Motorola DP4401-Ex accessories page.

Technical Information

Type / Group Batteries
Weight 130.0000
Brand Motorola
Model PMNN4417BR
Manufacturer Part Number PMNN4417BR
Compatible With DP2400, DP2600, DP4400, DP4600, DP4800
Capacity 1600mAh
Chemistry Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Charge Cycles (Avg.) 500
Intelligent IMPRES
Ingress Protection IP56
Original / Compatible Original