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This is the accessory page for the Entel HT644.

Entel CNB750E 2000mAh Battery for HT Series
Entel CLB750G Li-Ion GMDSS HT649 Battery
Entel CBH750 HT Series Spring Belt Clip
Entel CSAHT2 HT712, HT722 &HT782 Single Charger
Make Your Own Entel 6-Way Rack Charger
Entel CSBHT2 HT712 HT722 HT782 6-Way Charger
Entel EA15/750 HT Series Covert Earpiece, Microphone & PTT
Entel HT V2.0 Series Service Manual
Entel EPROG Customer Programming Software
Entel EPROG-HT HT Series Programming Cable
Entel HT Series Volume Control & On/Off Switch (65289841000)