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Hytera PD405 Replacement Front Cover Housing

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Detailed Information

Genuine Hytera PD405 front cover housing. Ideal to help make your tatty PD405 radio look new again.

Note: Only the front cover housing is included.

What You Will Need to Change This Cover

  • Patience
  • J1007D Nut Removal X-Key Tool*
  • PH1 Size Philips Screwdriver

* We do not currently sell the J1007D Nut Removal X-Key Tool. However, you will find this tool on eBay.

How To Disassemble The Radio & Change The PD405 Front Cover Housing

1. Remove The Battery

2. Remove the PD405 top volume and channel knobs.


3. Remove the PD405 retaining nuts (using a J1007D tool).

Warning: If you don't do this and attempt to remove the chassis from the housing, you will likely snap the volume or channel switch.

4. Remove the two screws towards the bottom back of the PD405.

5. Remove the PD405 chassis from the front cover housing using a plastic tool. You shouln't have to use much force - if it does not come out easily check you've followed the previous steps.

6. Swap the speaker into the new front cover housing.

7. Swap over the accessory cover and PTT button etc. Be careful with this.

8. To re-assemble and put the new cover on - reverse these steps.

Technical Information

SKU 6002425000000
Original / Compatible Original
Colour Black
Type / Group Servicing
Weight 50.0000
Brand Hytera
Model PD405 Housing
Manufacturer Part Number 6002425000000

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