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Detailed Information

This is a great value high quality water resistant carry case for transporting two way radios. External dimensions are 235x180x156mm. This case is ideal for at most 4 two way radios. This case is 156mm deep (bottom to top), if you'd like a shallower case try the SG33453 which is just 106mm deep.

Waterproof Carry Case Lineup

SG33453 Black 235x180x106mm Carry Case
SG33455 Black 235x180x156mm
SG33338 Black 336x300x148mm
SG33340 Black 464x366x176mm
SG33342 Black 555x428x211mm
SG33503 Black 574x361x225mm *
SG33505 Black 594x473x215mm **
SG33507 Black 594x473x270mm **
SG33346 Black 687x528x276mm ***
SG33348 Black 687x528x366mm ****
SG33509 Black 555x445x258mm Trolley Case
SG33504 Black 574x361x225mm *
SG33506 Black 594x473x215mm **
SG33508 Black 594x473x270mm **
SG33347 Black 687x528x276mm ***
SG33349 Black 687x528x366mm ****

*, **, ***, **** These cases can be stacked together respectively.

Waterproof Carry Case Features

Pick-foam For Convenience

This case comes with a series of small square pieces of foam, usually between 1cm and 2.5cm square, depending on the size of the case, the smaller the case the smaller the pick foam. The idea is that you pick out the foam to allow you to place your radios comfortably and safely in the case.

IP67 - Dustproof & Waterproof

This case is waterproof & dust-proof and conforms to IP67. That means the it's completely impervious to dust at leve 6 being the highest and completely waterproof down to a depth of 1m for a maximum of 30 minutes. That means that if you get a little rain on this case, no harm will come to your equipment inside.

Shock Resistant Impact Protection

This case has impact protection and is shock resistant. That means two things. Firstly, if you happen to accidently drop this case it's unlikely to crack open. But secondly, if you do drop this case, the equipment inside is likely to survive as the case and foam will absorb most of the impact. This is from hip-hight though - if you drop this from the top of a building it's unlikely to survive - but the things inside just might...

Extra Security Padlock Holes

There are two holes that allow you to lock this case whilst in transport. You can either use padlocks for high value contents, or alternatively use cable ties for lower value contents. This means that you can send this case using a postal service locked - and only your recipient can open it.

Stackable For Easy Storage

This case is stackable with other cases the same size and dimensions. That means that you can easily stack one case on top of another for easy storage.

Rectangular Resin Label Space on Lid

This case is made from Polypropylene. Whist this is a very durable and shock resistant material; the downside is that very few adhesives will stick to it - and that includes labels etc. However, unlike some cheaper cases, this case has been made with a resin-coated label space on the lid for a small descriptive label to be attached.

Large Flight Case Label (or Screen Printing) Space

On the lid there's a large space so a flight case label can be attached, or the case can be screenprinted for branding.

Full Length Hinges

On lower quality cases, the hinges are smaller, less strong and can beark easily. This case has full length hinges. That means they're super strong and are unluikely to fail. So you can rest assurred that the contents of the case will still be in the case on arrival.

12-Months Warranty

We guarantee this product will last you at least 12-months of regular use in storage and transport.

Technical Information

SKU SG33455
Included In The Box 1x 235x180x156 Case
Weight 2750.0000
Brand Radiotronics
Model Black 235x180x156mm Carry Case
Manufacturer Part Number MAX235H155S.079
Type / Group Transport Cases

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