This is the accessory page for the Kenwood TK-D240.

Kenwood KRA-16 136-174MHz Flat Top Stubby VHF Antenna
Kenwood KRA-22 136-174MHz Round Top Stubby VHF Antenna
Kenwood TK-3302 TK-2302 TK-3360 Hirose Universal Earpiece Fly Lead
Kenwood KNB-45L TK-3301 Lithium Battery
Kenwood Lanyard with Detachable Clip
Kenwood KBH-10 Belt Clip
Kenwood KLH-131 Soft Nylon Case
Kenwood KLH-120 Soft Leather Case
Kenwood KSC-35SCR Single Charger Pod Only
Kenwood KSC-43 Single Charger
Kenwood KSC-35S Single Charger
Kenwood KSC-35 6-Way Rack Charger Platform
Kenwood KMB-35 Charging Pod Platform
Kenwood KSC-356 Six Way Charger
Kenwood KMC-21 Remote Speaker Microphone
Kenwood KPG-166D TK-D240 TK-D340 Programming Software