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This is the accessory page for the Motorola CLP.

Motorola BT60 PMNN4468 Battery for CLP Radio
Motorola HKNN4013 BT90 1800mAh Battery
Motorola HKLN4438 CLP Belt Holster
Motorola HKLN4433 (HKLN4433A) Magentic CLP Carrying Solution
Motorola IXPN4028 Single CLP Charger Pod & PSU
Motorola IXPN4029 6 Way CLP Charger
Motorola HKLN4602 Earpiece & PTT
Motorola HKLN4529 (HKLN4529A) PTT Microphone & Earpiece
Motorola HKLN4603 Covert Earpiece & PTT
Motorola/Vertex CB000262A01 USB Programming Cable
Motorola HKLN4440B CLP Hi Cap Battery Cover
Motorola HKLN4441B CLP BT60 Battery Cover
Motorola HKLN4508 Bluetooth Charging Cradle