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This is the accessory page for the Motorola GP340 Ex.

Motorola PMAD4015 VHF 155-174MHz Whip Antenna
Motorola PMAD4012 VHF 136-155MHz Stubby Antenna
Motorola PMAD4014 VHF 136-155MHz Helical Antenna
Motorola PMAD4013A VHF 155-174MHz Stubby GP340 CP040 Antenna
Motorola PMAD4025 VHF 150-161MHz Stubby Antenna
Motorola PMAD4023 VHF 150-161 Whip Antenna
Motorola PMAD4042 VHF 136-155MHz Helical Antenna
Motorola PMAD4049 VHF 146-174MHz Heliflex Antenna
Motorola PMAE4003A UHF 430-470MHz Stubby GP340/CP040 Antenna
Motorola NAE6522AR UHF 438-470MHz Stubby GP340/CP040 Antenna
Motorola PMAE4016A UHF 403-520MHz Whip GP340 Antenna
Motorola HAD9743A VHF 162-174MHz Stubby GP340/CP040 Antenna
Motorola GP340 to 2-Pin Accessory Audio Adapter
Motorola NNTN5510CR GP340 Ex ATEX Battery
Motorola NNTN5510DR GP340 Ex ATEX Battery
Motorola PMLN5134A GP340-Ex GP380-Ex GP640-Ex GP680-Ex ATEX Belt Clip
Motorola NTN5243A Shoulder Strap
Motorola HLN9985A Waterproof Two Way Radio Bag
Motorola / Hyera / Icom / Kenwood Two Way Radio Shipping Case
Motorola GP340 Universal IMPRES Single Charger Adapter
Motorola PS000037A02 UK PSU for Charging Pods
Motorola GP340 6-Way IMPRES Universal Charger Adapter
Motorola HTN9000C GP340 Charger Pod Only
Motorola PMLN5195B Single GP340 Charger (Pod & PSU)
Motorola PMLN5194B IMPRES Single GP340 Charger
Radiotronics Universal Rack Charger Platform
Motorola WPLN4188A GP340 6 Way Charger
Motorola WPLN4188A GP340 6 Way Charger (Used)
Motorola HTN9005 6-Way Charger
Motorola GP340/GP360/GP640/GP680 12-Way Charger
Motorola WPLN4193 IMPRES Display Multi Unit Charger
18-Way Motorola Two Way Radio Charger
Motorola 6680702Z01 GP340 GP360 GP380 GP640 GP680 Housing Removal Tool
Motorola HLN9756B BNC GP340 Antenna Adapter
StarTech ICUSB2321F USB To RS232 DB9 FTDI Serial Adapter Cable
Motorola GP340/GM340 Programming Software
Motorola Compatible RIB Box
Motorola GP340 USB Programming Cable
Motorola RKN4074B GP340 Programming Cable
Motorola 3080369B72 Serial RIB Box Cable
Motorola HLN9742 GP340 Flash Adapter
Motorola RLN4008 Genuine CP040 GP340 RIB Box
Motorola RLN4460 Radio Text Box
Motorola RKN4075C RIB-Less RS-232 Serial Programming Cable
Motorola 1880619Z06 Volume & On/Off Potentiometer
Motorola 3680530Z02 GP340/CP040 Plastic Channel Knob
Motorola 3680529Z01 CP040 & GP340 Plastic Volume Knob
Motorola HLN9820 GP340 Accessory Socket Dust Cover
Motorola 4080710Z21 GP340 16-Position Channel Switch