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This is the accessory page for the Motorola XTNi & Motorola XTNI-PACK.

Motorola RLN6351C XTNi & XTNiD 1100mAh Li-Ion Battery
Motorola RLN6306A XTNi & XTNiD AA Battery Holder
Motorola RLN6308 XTNi & XTNiD 2400mAh Li-Ion Battery
Motorola RLN6307 XTNi & XTNiD Belt Clip
Motorola 1.75" Two Way Radio Leather Belt Only
Motorola HLN6602A Universal Nylon Two Way Radio Chest Pack
Motorola RLN4570A Break-Away Chest Pack
Motorola RLN4815 Universal Utility & Two Way Radio Belt
Motorola RLN6302 XTNi & XTNiD Carry Case
Motorola / Hyera / Icom / Kenwood Two Way Radio Shipping Case
Motorola IXPN4019AR XTNi/XTNiD Single Charger
Motorola IXPN4020 XTNi / XTNiD 6-Way Charger
Motorola 00168 XTN446, XTNi & XT420 Headeset
Motorola HKLN4599A D Type XT Series Earpiece
Motorola 00118 XTN446, XTNi & XT420 Earpiece & Microphone
Motorola 00117 XTNi & XT420 Series Headset
Motorola XTNi Front Name Badge
Motorola XTNi Refurbishment Front Cover
Motorola VARSMLDP1 Remote Speaker Microphone
Motorola XT420 Remote Speaker Microphone
Motorola XTNi & XTNiD Programming Software
Motorola HKKN4027A XT Series Programming Cable