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Common Questions Answered

We've created a Q&A with the most frequently asked questions. Take a read though these which may provide an answer to your question.

Q1. I'm Totally Confused - I Need Some Help!

A. Between 9:30am and 5pm Monday to Friday, please call us on 01425 533 533. Our highly trained sales team and account managers will be able to advise further. Outside these hours, email sales@radiotronics.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Q2. Can I get a better price than the price shown on your website?

A. Our team works very hard to ensure that all prices on this website are accurate and up to date. In the unlikely event that you get a cheaper price from a competitor, we will endeavour to match or even beat it. Please send the competitor's quote to us with a price beat request to sales@radiotronics.co.uk. Please remember to give us a link to the competitor's website or a copy of their quote. We cannot offer a price beat without evidence of the price they've offered you.

Q3. How Long Does It Take To Dispatch (Lead Time)?

A. Every product on our website shows that product's lead time. This is the time in days that's required to process the order and then dispatch the item. Some items are in stock, don't need programming, and can be dispatched right away. Some items are in stock, but require programming, so might take an extra day or two to program and configure for you. Other items are not usually held in stock. In this instance, we have to order them in. In any case, the time required to process and dispatch your order is shown on the page.

Q4. Do you have X in stock?

A. Every product on our website shows the current stock status or availability. We've worked very hard to ensure this is as accurate as possible. But please note that all products are subject to lead-time (see Q3).

Q5. I'm In The UK. How Much Is Postage?

A. FREE Delivery. In mainland UK, all non-priority deliveries are free of charge. We have a delivery page on our website that explains this and is kept up to date.

Q6. Hey! I Received An Item Without Manufacturer's Packaging. Why?

A. We are a very keen advocate of the Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging initiative (see our delivery page on our website that explains more). But in short, we ship with as little packaging as possible to avoid waste and landfill.

Q7. OK. What If I Want The Packaging? (Extension of Q6)

A. If you would like the original packaging you will have to make a special request for this. This is because we request that some manufacturers, like Motorola, ship us radios in bulk packaging, meaning we never have individual boxes in the first place. If you would like original boxes, we will need to order equipment in individual original boxes for you. This can increase lead time and significantly delay your order. A request for original packaging can be done by emailing sales@radiotronics.co.uk immediately after placing your order.

Q8. I've Received A Payment Request But I've Already Paid, What Gives?

A. It's genuinely nothing to worry about. Our system is almost completely automated. This can happen when the name on the payment does not identically match the customer's name on the order. For example the customer's name is Brian Smith and the name on the payment is B Smith, or a business name for example. You might not even know what your payment shows up as. The situation means that the finance team has to manually match the payments which we do on a daily basis, but only on working days. We can occasionally miss some. So if you receive an email of this nature, please just send us a reply and we'll manually match up your payment. But remember, there's nothing to worry about.

Q9. I Want To Look At Things Before I Buy, Can I Visit You?

A. No - you are not able to visit Radiotronics. In the last two decades, the world has changed from the majority of people physically walking into stores and buying things, to the majority of people buying online. We operate a very efficient mail order system which is geared up for rapid dispatch. Our dispatch and delivery process is almost completely automated. Collection would actually be slower than delivery as we would have to take it off the automation line. Therefore, Radiotronics has taken the decision not to allow collection.

Q10. Hey, I Found You Selling An Item Cheaper on Amazon or eBay. Why?

A. We try and synchronise the prices between our website and our eBay and Amazon stores. Occasionally, however, we may list something exclusively on eBay or Amazon at a certain price. Examples are where we have surplus stock or an item has been returned and we're selling it off at a clearance price. It's always worth checking our Amazon and eBay listings. But if you're drawing up a budget, please be sure to use our website for the most accurate prices.

Q11. Why Are All The Dealers In The Radio Communications Industry's Prices So Different?

A. Dealers such as Radiotronics buy two way radios from Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Hytera and Tait in multiple permutations, with many different batteries, antennas, charger options etc. So when you're looking across multiple websites, it's important to check which battery is included, and whether a charger is included for the price they're offering. We've tried to make this clear on our website. You can configure the product exactly how you want it. See the Motorola DP1400 for example in which every option can be configured.

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