Radiotronics have both analogue and digital two way radios available to hire on a national basis. Radiotronics can provide radios for any event of any size.

We have a website dedicated to two way radio hire.

Radios available to hire:

  • Motorola CP040
  • Motorola GP340
  • Motorola DP1400
  • Motorola DP3400
  • Motorola DP4400
  • Motorola DP4600

All short term two way radio hired radios come with:

  • Good Quality Fully Charged Battery
  • Good Quality Antenna
  • Optional Earpiece
  • Optional Remote Speaker Microphone
  • Charger Options *
  • Licence Fees Included

* Note: We usually supply hired radios in sets of 6. In that case you will be supplied with a 6-way charger. However, if you only need for example two radios, we will supply two single chargers.

Call 0345 0 955 955 or email hire@radiotronics.co.uk now to book a two way radio hire for your event.

two way radio hire