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Two Way Radio Hire for Construction

Two way radios are an essential communications tool for any building site. No matter how long the building project, we offer two way radio hire to keep your workforce connected.

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National Coverage & Quick Delivery

We can supply two way radios directly to site - Next day*. The radios will be delivered fully programmed and ready to go. That means you can get started right away!

Contract Lengths

You can hire two way radios for your building project for as little as a week to up to 5 years!

Building Site Two Way Radio Hire Benefits

  • Keep the building workforce always connected
  • Allows group conversations, unlike mobile phones
  • Medium range communications possible
  • Ofcom licence fees are included - no extra fees
  • Flexible delivery and collection - we deliver to site
  • Easy contract extensions - keep the radios for longer where needed
  • External shoulder microphones & ear-peices available
  • Single or Multi-Way Chargers Included

* Subject to status and due diligence checks.

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building site two way radio hire

Internet Connection & Telephone

Alongside our connectivity partner, Wireless Connected , Radiotronics can offer a complete building site connectivity including building site broadband and a VoIP telephone system for your building site office.

Building Site Internet Connection

Since most building site offices are semi-permanent and there will likely be a team on site, an internet connecting into the osite office is absolutely essential. We can offer building site broadband (4G or Satellite) via our partner, Wireless Connected .

Building Site VoIP Phone System

We can offer a semi-permanent, installed, VoIP (internet) based telephone system with an unlimited amount of phones for your site office.

All you need, is an internet connection (see Wireless Connected  above).