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Event Two Way Radio Hire

You will most likely see two-way radios used at almost every major event or festival across the UK. Keeping the organisers, security and other staff connected at a large event is essential. We offer short-term two-way radio hire so that you can hire just the amount of radios you need without making an unnecessary investment in two-way radios.

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National Coverage

We can supply two way radios directly to site - anywhere in the UK*. The radios will be delivered fully programmed and ready to go. That means you can get started right away!

Event Two Way Radio Hire Benefits

  • Keep the stewards & crew always connected
  • Allows group conversations, unlike mobile phones - keep all the team in the loop, all the time
  • Medium range communications possible - we can also supply a signal booster where needed
  • Ofcom licence fees are included - no extra fees
  • Flexible delivery and collection - we deliver to site, and collect when you're done
  • Easy contract extensions - keep the radios for longer where needed
  • External shoulder microphones & ear-peices available
  • Single or Multi-Way Chargers Included

* Subject to status and due diligence checks.

Event Two Way Radios

Internet Connection & Telephone

Alongside our connectivity partner, Wireless Connected , Radiotronics can offer a complete event internet connectivity including event broadband for streaming and operational monitoring.

Since most events are only short term a permanent internet connection is not practical. We can install a internet connection (4G or Satellite) via our partner, Wireless Connected .