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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of renting radios over purchasing?

The upfront cost of purchasing a fleet of two way radios can be quite high. Unlike Cap-Ex purchases, hire and rental costs are 100% tax deductible.

Our short term hire service is key for those who need two way radios for a short event. Our long term hire service is ideal to avoid a large initial outlay. You can hire two way radios for up to 12 weeks and rent two way radios long term for up to 5 years.

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How Much Do You Charge?

This depends on so many factors - and there's always a deal to be done. But we have created a two way radio hire prices page. This page gives you a rough outline of the cost of renting our two way radios.

Do Your Prices Include Chargers & Earpieces

Yes, short-term hire includes chargers and earpeices. Long term rental includes chargers. Earpieces are usually available separately on long-term rental deals but can be incuded in your quote.

What type of earpieces do you include?

Yes, all short term hire packages include G-shape or D-shape earpieces. We use these as, whilst they're cleaned between hires, there's no higein issues with these types of earpeice. Also D-shape and G-shape earpieces rarely result in ear fatigue.

For long term rental you can choose whichever earpeices suit your requirement. We can supply whatever you need from covert acoustic tube earpieces to remote speaker microphones.

Which radio models are available for rental?

Obviously when renting a two-way radio people may have their preferences on a manufacturer, whether this is because they have previously used a specific model, or you need the devices to sync up with a current radio system already in place. No matter what manufacturer you require, any device which is on our website and hasn't been discontinued is available for a rental contract.

What is included when renting radios from Radiotronics?

Whether you are renting a singular device or a whole fleet of radios, each of them comes with a charger, battery and antenna. In terms of licensing, all of the work is already done for you. When hiring two way radios from us, we cover your license costs so its one less thing for you to worry about. Additional extras that you can choose to add to your hire agreement are devices such as earpieces, microphones and headsets etc. If you have chosen to hire or rent a large fleet of radios from us, single chargers are usually inconvenient so, unless otherwise requested, we would usually supply a multi-way charger.

How do I receive radios I have rented? What is the process for the return?

Once you have been accepted for a rental agreement, the process to get your radios will begin. After being programmed so all radios work together, your radios will be dispatched on next day courier to wherever your location within the UK and Ireland. At the end of the hire period you can choose to send the back to us using your own courier, or we can collect them using our courier. Whatever happens they must be returned to us by the date agreed or additional fees may be charged.

Is an OFCOM license required when renting radios?

When hiring two-way radios on a short term basis, you use the radios on our allocated frequencies. Therefore there's no licence fees.

When renting radios long term this depends on many factors - contact us for a quote and we'll explain further.

What is the most popular rental radio?

For short term hire we have a number of different radio models in our fleet. These include Motorola GP340, Motorola CP040, Motorola DP1400, Motorola DP4400e, Hytera TC620, Hytera PD705LT etc.

For long term rental, you simply whose the radio you'd like. Almost every radio on this website is available for long term two way radio rental.

How do I enquire about two way radio hire and rental?

If you would like to enquire about the possibility of renting products, we have numerous ways in which you can do this. The best way is to visit our hire quote page which outlines the basic information we need to give you a quote.

Can I get a quote by phone?

By far, the best way to get quote is to follow the steps on our hire quote page. But if you do wish to call us, of course you're welcome to do so on 01425 533 533.

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