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Long Term Two Way Radio Rental

Long Term Two Way Radio Rental

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Why Two Way Radios?

A good communications system is vital. Whether it be for safety on a building site, or communications within a warehouse, a two-way radio fleet is something that is vitally important to everyday operations. Two way radios, unlike mobile phones, offer instant communications with colleagues with no call charges or ring-time delays. Two way radios are very easy to use and ensure that your team is permanently connected - especially lone workers.

Why Rent Two Way Radios Long Term?

Professional business grade two way radios are very expensive to buy outright. Furthermore, large capital expendature of this kind can unfavourable. That's why, here at Radiotronics, we've made getting up and running exceptionally easy - and with very little or no initial outlay for rental contracts over 12-weeks. All we ask for is the first month in advance and a standing order (or other agreed payment arrangement)*.

Tip: Almost every portable and mobile two way radio on this website is available for Long Term Two Way Radio Rental.

Who Can Rent Long Term?

Generally, we only rent to UK-headquartered businesses. The general rule of thumb is that it's an established UK registered limited company. But every application is based on it's individual merits. That said, we will consider newly formed businesses with a director's guarantee*.

For short busy periods, also take a look at our short-term two way radio hire.

Ofcom Licensing - Who Pays That?

That completely depends on the requirement. In some circumstances you are able to use radios on Radiotronics' Supplier's Radio Licence. In other circumstances, you'll need a licence of your own. We do not know which option is most appropriate for you until we know your complete requirement. Contact us for a quote and we'll let you know. Whatever happens, we can do all the paperwork and administration for you. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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Advantages of Rental

  • Replacement Radios: When renting our radios, should a device stop working, unless it's been damaged, we will replace it free of charge.
  • Accidental Damage Cover: For an additional fee, we can offer accidental damage cover too - as us when getting a quote.
  • No Initial Outlay: There is no initial outlay on long-term two way radio rental packages. We simply ask for the first month paid in advance.
  • Fully Tax Deductible: Hire and Rental costs are fully tax deductible.
  • Modern Equipment: All of our radios are up to date and in good condition and in most circumstances your equipment will be brand new.
  • Licensing: Potentially no licence costs to pay subject to the deal offered.

* Subject to due-diligence and security checks.