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Hytera RD985 DMR (Non-XPT) Radio Repeater

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Looking for Hytera RD985 DMR (Non-XPT) Repeater Accessories?

We have a vast selection of accessories for the Hytera RD985 DMR (Non-XPT) Repeater. View all Hytera RD985 DMR (Non-XPT) Repeater accessories here

Detailed Information

Hytera RD985 is a high quality DMR repeater with PSU included.

Full 100% Duty Cycle

The Hytera RD985 can transmit 100% of the time without a break in transmission. This is referred to as 100% duty cycle. This is ideal for MPT1327 use where a permanent control channel is required, or for where a permanent emergency broadcast is required.

High-resolution 2-inch LCD Colour Display

Whether during ongoing operations, or during maintenance tasks, users can easily access all desired information via the large LCD colour display which is very similar to the display on a PD685/G and can display visual feedback where required.

Talk-through Capability

The Hytera RD985 can be used as a conventional repeater or can be used as a compbined base radio and repeater by simply plugging in a microphpone. For this Hytera offer two options. Either the Hytera SM10A1 desk microphone or either of the Hytera SM16A1 and Hytera SM16A2 hand microphones.

Auto Switching Digital DMR and Analogue Mode

The Hytera RD985 repeater can be operated in analogue and digital mode and is compatible with all analogue systems currently in use. Hytera RD985 repeater has been developed according to the open ETSI DMR standard and can operate in analogue and or digital mode by auto detecting the incoming signal. With it's conventional analogue and auto sensing DMR functionality, it's the perfect solution in the migration from analogue to digital.

Frequency Band Versions (Select When Ordering)

RD985-V VHF - 136-174MHz (Always In Stock)
RD985-U1 UHF1 - 400-470MHz (Always In Stock)
RD985-U0 UHF0 - 350-400Mhz (Ordered on Demand)
RD985-U2 UHF2 - 450-520MHz (Ordered on Demand)

Conventional Only - Not XPT Compatible

This is the Hytera RD985 version which is non-XPT compatible. The RD985 and RD985S look almost identical. However, if you need an XPT compatible repeater, you need the Hytera RD985S as the RD985 does not offer XPT compatibility and can not be upgraded.

Tip: If you plan to upgrade to a Hytera XPT Trunked System at any time in the future, it would be a good idea to consider investing in the RD985S XPT repeater up front. That way you can easily upgrade without having to change your repeater at a later date. To re-cap: This repeater is the RD985 and is not XPT compatible. For XPT compatibility see the Hytera RD985S.

Technical Information

Display Display
Rackmountable Yes (Brackets Fixed or Included)
Rackmount Height N/A
Analogue or Digital Analogue, Digital
Band (VHF or UHF) UHF, VHF
Frequency Range VHF (136-174MHz), 350-400Mhz, UHF1 (400-470MHz), UHF2 (450-520MHz)
Channels 16
Signalling Type CTCSS, DCS, DMR
Type / Group Repeaters
Height (mm) 88
Width (mm) 483
Depth (mm) 366
Weight 8500.0000
Brand Hytera
Model RD985 DMR (Non-XPT) Repeater
Manufacturer Part Number RD985

Hytera RD985 DMR (Non-XPT) Repeater Accessories

Here are just some of the accessories available for the Hytera RD985 DMR (Non-XPT) Repeater. For the full list of accessories, pleae see our dedicated Hytera RD985 DMR (Non-XPT) Repeater accessories category.

Hytera PD505, PD565, PD605, DP665, PD685, PD705, PD755, PD785 Programming Software
Hytera PC47 MD655 & MD785 USB Programming Lead
Hytera RD982 RD985 RD986 RD988 Workshop Service Manual
Hytera DMR Radio USB Driver for Windows
Hytera SM10A1 PD655 & PD785 Base Microphone
Hytera PS22002 13.8v 300w Radio & Repeater Power Supply
Yuasa SWL1800FR Fire Retardant Lead Acid Battery
PowerSonic PS-12120 12Ah 12v SLA Battery
PowerSonic PS-12350 35Ah 12v SLA Battery
PowerSonic PS-12550 55Ah 12v SLA Battery
Hytera BRK18 PS22002 Wall Bracket
Hytera BRK19 RD985/S Wall Mount Bracket
Hytera BRK16 RD985/S Duplexer Installation Kit
Hytera BRK12 PS22002 Rack Mount Bracket (Holds 2x PS22002)
Hytera PC43 Data Cable with Audio Jack