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Kenwood TK-3201 Licence Free Radio

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The TK-3201 is about to be replaced with the Kenwood TK-3401D. Please order the Kenwood TK-3401D instead. It's digital/analogue and it's cheaper.



Looking for Kenwood TK-3201 Accessories?

We have a vast selection of accessories for the Kenwood TK-3201. View all Kenwood TK-3201 accessories here

Detailed Information

Kenwood TK-3201 is a discontinued PMR446 licence free radio. Kenwood TK-2301 was initially replaced by the Kenwood KT-3301, but this has now been replaced by the Kenwood TK-3501.


Kenwood TK-3201 radio has existed in two iterations. The initial model, TK-3201T was shipped with a KNB-29 NiMH battery and a KSC-31 charger. The 2nd iteration, the TK-3201T2 was shipped with a KNB-45L Lithium battery and KSC-35 rapid charger.

Suitable replacement batteries

  • If you have the KSC-31 charger, you can use KNB-29N NiMH, KNB-30A Ni-Cd or KNB-53N NiMH.
  • If you have the KSC-35 charger, you can use the KNB-45L Li-Ion battery.

Kenwood TK-3201T Standard Package Contains

Note: Kenwood KSC-31 Charger only charges KNB-29 NiMH batteries.

Kenwood TK-3201T2 Standard Package Contains

Note: Kenwood KSC-35 Charger only charges KNB-45L Li-Ion batteries.

Technical Information

SKU TK3201
Included In The Box Radio, Charger, Belt Clip, PSU
Accessory Connector KA - Kenwood 2-Pin
Display Non-display
Analogue or Digital Analogue
Band (VHF or UHF) PMR446
Frequency Range N/A
Channels 16
Signalling Type CTCSS, DCS
Commodity Code 8525600000 - Transceivers
Type / Group Handheld Radio
Weight 0.0000
Brand Kenwood
Model TK-3201
Manufacturer Part Number TK-3201
Replaces TK3101T

Kenwood TK-3201 Accessories

Here are just some of the accessories available for the Kenwood TK-3201. For the full list of accessories, pleae see our dedicated Kenwood TK-3201 accessories category.

Kenwood KMC-21 Remote Speaker Microphone
Kenwood KMC-45 Remote Speaker Microphone
Kenwood KEP-2 Listen Only Covert Earpiece
Radiotronics KA-186 Kenwood Covert Tube Earpiece
Radiotronics KA-340 D-Shape Kenwood Compatible Earpiece
Extra Value Kenwood TK-3302 & TK-3000 2-Pin Covert Earpiece
Kenwood KSC-35S Single Charger
Kenwood KSC-35SCR Single Charger Pod Only
Kenwood KMB-35 Charging Pod Platform
Kenwood KSC-356 Six Way Charger
Kenwood KMB-30 Bracket for Kenwood Multi Unit Chargers
18-Way Motorola Two Way Radio Charger
Kenwood KSC-43 Single Charger
Kenwood KSC-31 Single Charger
Kenwood KBH-10 Belt Clip
Motorola / Hyera / Icom / Kenwood Two Way Radio Shipping Case
Kenwood KLH-120 Soft Leather Case
Kenwood KLH-131 Soft Nylon Case
Kenwood Lanyard with Detachable Clip
Kenwood KNB-45L TK-3301 Lithium Battery
Radiotronics AK-KNB45L Kenwood Battery
Kenwood KNB-29N & KNB-53N Compactible Battery
Kenwood KNB-29N NiMH Battery
Kenwood KNB-69L 2450mAh Super High Capacity TK-3301 Battery
Kenwood KPG-90D TK-3201 Programming Software
Kenwood KPG-22U USB Programming Cable
Kenwood TK-3201 Front Cover Housing (A02-3888-03)
Kenwood F07-1882-23 TK-3301 & TK-3201 Antenna Cover
Kenwood TK-3302 TK-2302 TK-3360 Hirose Universal Earpiece Fly Lead

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