Motorola GP340 Industry Standard Two Way Radio

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Product Features

For many years, the Motorola GP340 has been the world's most trusted two way radio.

  • 16 position Rotary Switch
  • Emergency Button
  • 3 Side Buttons
  • Select 5 (5 Tone) Signalling
  • Channel Scan
  • Whisper
  • Lone Worker
  • Call Forward
  • Emergency Signalling
  • Talkaround
  • Adjustable Power Levels
  • Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/20/25kHz)
  • Voice Operated Transmit (VOX)
  • X-Pand Voice Compression and Low Level Expansion
  • Option Board Expandability


Detailed Information

The Motorola GP340 is the industry standard analogue two way radio. One of the world's best selling radios, the GP340 is built to military standards and is made intrinsically safe when using the correct ISS-FM batteries and accessories.

There's now a digital version of this radio called a DP3400, however, the GP340 and DP3400 are soon to be superseded by just the Motorola DP4400e and DP4401e (GPS) with the new Intrinsically Safe version being called the Motorola DP4401-EX.

Included In The GP340 Box

  • Motorola GP340 Radio
  • Motorola GP340 Antenna
  • Motorola GP340 NiMH Battery
  • Motorola GP340 Belt Clip
  • Motorola GP340 Dust Cover
  • *No Charger Included - Charger Options Available

Not in retail packaging. This item is supplied in a plain box.


This is a refurbished product and carries a 3-month Return to Base warranty.

Technical Information

Accessory Connector N/A
Analogue or Digital Analogue
Band (VHF or UHF) UHF, VHF
Emergency Button Yes
Channels 16
Signalling Type CTCSS, DCS
Type / Group Handheld Radio
Brand Motorola
Model GP340
Manufacturer Part Number GP340
EAN 5055563842210

Motorola GP340 Accessories

Here are just some of the accessories available for the Motorola GP340. For the full list of accessories, pleae see our dedicated Motorola GP340 accessories category.

Motorola GP340 Carry Cases
Brand Model Description Price
Motorola HLN9701B Motorola HLN9701B Nylon Carry Case £13.65
Motorola RLN5383A Motorola RLN5383A Leather Carry Case £15.00
Motorola RLN5384B Motorola RLN5384B Leather Carry Case £15.00
Motorola RLN5385B Motorola RLN5385B Leather Carry Case £15.00
Motorola GP340 Radio Housings
Brand Model Description Price
Motorola PMLN4216 PMLN4216 Genuine Rehousing Kit for GP340 & GP640 £39.99
Motorola GP340H Motorola GP340 Complete Refurbishment Kit £39.99
Motorola GP340 Other
Brand Model Description Price
Motorola GLN6591A Motorola GLN6591A Shoulder Strap £8.40
Motorola PS000037A02 Motorola PS000037A02 UK PSU for Charging Pods £15.00
Motorola HLN9756 Motorola HLN9756B BNC GP340 Antenna Adapter £19.99
Motorola GP340 Chargers
Brand Model Description Price
Motorola PMLN5195B Motorola PMLN5195B Single GP340 Charger (Pod & PSU) £37.80
Motorola HTN9005 Motorola HTN9005 6-Way Charger £299.00
Motorola WPLN4188A Motorola WPLN4188A GP340 6 Way Charger £299.00
Motorola PMLN5194B Motorola PMLN5194B IMPRES Single GP340 Charger £42.50
Radiotronics MOT-UNI-RACK Radiotronics Universal Rack Charger Platform £135.00
Motorola HTN9000C Motorola HTN9000C GP340 Charger Pod Only £29.85
Motorola GP340 Batteries
Brand Model Description Price
Motorola PMNN4457AR Motorola PMNN4457AR 2050mAh GP340 Battery £33.00
Motorola PMNN4151AR Motorola PMNN4151AR (HNN9008) 1300mAh NiMH GP340 Battery £37.80
Motorola PMNN4158AR Motorola PMNN4158AR (HNN9013) Lithium GP340 Battery £45.00
Radiotronics AM9008H Radiotronics AM9008H 1500mAh NiMH GP340 Battery £27.93
Radiotronics AM9013LI Motorola AM9013LI 1900mAh Li-Ion GP340 Battery £36.27
Motorola PMNN4159AR Motorola PMNN4159AR 2600mAh Li-Ion IMPRES GP340 Battery £49.00
Motorola GP340 Antennas
Brand Model Description Price
Motorola PMAE4016A Motorola PMAE4016A UHF 403-520MHz Whip GP340 Antenna £7.00
Motorola NAE6522AR Motorola NAE6522AR UHF 438-470MHz Stubby GP340/CP040 Antenna £7.35
Motorola PMAE4003A Motorola PMAE4003A UHF 430-470MHz Stubby GP340/CP040 Antenna £6.30
Motorola HAD9743A Motorola HAD9743A VHF 162-174MHz Stubby GP340/CP040 Antenna £7.35
Motorola GP340 Spare Parts
Brand Model Description Price
Motorola 3680529Z01 Motorola 3680529Z01 CP040 & GP340 Plastic Volume Knob £3.50
Motorola 1880619Z06 Motorola 1880619Z06 Volume & On/Off Potentiometer £2.80
Motorola 3680530Z02 Motorola 3680530Z02 GP340/CP040 Plastic Channel Knob £3.50
Motorola 4080710Z21 Motorola 4080710Z21 GP340 16-Position Channel Switch £6.90
Motorola 1364279B03 Motorola 1364279B03 GP340 Front Label £1.00
Motorola HLN9820A Motorola HLN9820 GP340 Accessory Socket Dust Cover £4.00


Below is a list of downloads for the Motorola GP340. If you would like further information on the Motorola GP340 please call 02087 190 180.

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