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Looking for Motorola GP344 Accessories?

We have a vast selection of accessories for the Motorola GP344. View all Motorola GP344 accessories here

Detailed Information

Motorola GP344 offers the majority of the functionality of the popular Motorola GP340 but one third smaller, and lighter. It's smaller size and lighter weight makes it particular suitable for customer-facing environments when radio usage is required to be more discreet. The Motorola GP344 features emergency signalling which can be configured to send a help signal to a pre-defined person or group of people at a single push of the bright orange top mounted Emergency Button.

The compact GP344, one of the market-leading radios in Motorola's Professional Series, is a simple communication solution for portable users requiring a high-quality radio. The compact GP344 keeps users in touch; increasing efficiency and productivity. The radio offers essential functionality and security features to protect users working alone or remotely.

With a wide range of accessories available within the Professional Series; it's easy to build a tailored communications solution to meet your needs.

Technical Information

Included In The Box N/A
Accessory Connector MG - Motorola GP344
Display Non-display
Analogue or Digital Analogue
Band (VHF or UHF) UHF, VHF
Frequency Range N/A
Channels 16
Signalling Type CTCSS, DCS
Commodity Code 8525600000 - Transceivers
Type / Group Handheld Radio
Height (mm) 101
Width (mm) 56
Depth (mm) 31
Weight 250.0000
Brand Motorola
Model GP344
Manufacturer Part Number GP344

Motorola GP344 Accessories

Here are just some of the accessories available for the Motorola GP344. For the full list of accessories, pleae see our dedicated Motorola GP344 accessories category.

Motorola NTN5243A Shoulder Strap
Motorola HLN9985A Waterproof Two Way Radio Bag
Motorola 1.75" Two Way Radio Leather Belt Only
Motorola HLN6602A Universal Nylon Two Way Radio Chest Pack
Motorola RLN4570A Break-Away Chest Pack
Motorola RLN4815 Universal Utility & Two Way Radio Belt
Motorola GP344 & DP3441 Hand Strap
Motorola / Hyera / Icom / Kenwood Two Way Radio Shipping Case
Motorola JMZN4023 Plastic Carry Holder w/ Belt Clip
Motorola PMLN4470 Nylon Case w/ Belt Loop
Motorola PMLN5195B Single GP340 Charger (Pod & PSU)
Motorola HTN9005 6-Way Charger
Motorola WPLN4188A GP340 6 Way Charger
Motorola PS000037A02 UK PSU for Charging Pods
Motorola PMLN5194B IMPRES Single GP340 Charger
Radiotronics Universal Rack Charger Platform
Motorola HTN9000C GP340 Charger Pod Only
Motorola GP340/GP360/GP640/GP680 12-Way Charger
Radiotronics IMPRES Rack Charger Platform
Genuine Motorola IMPRES 6-Way Charger PC Interface Cable (NNTN7677A)
Motorola IMPRES Battery Management Software Download & Licence (HKVN4037A)
8-Way Motorola Two Way Radio Charger
18-Way Motorola Two Way Radio Charger
Motorola MDRLN4883 GP340 Travel Charger With Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Motorola WPLN4193 IMPRES Display Multi Unit Charger
Motorola WPLN4188A GP340 6 Way Charger (Used)
Motorola PMAE4016A UHF 403-520MHz Whip GP340 Antenna
Motorola NAE6522AR UHF 438-470MHz Stubby GP340/CP040 Antenna
Motorola PMAE4003A UHF 430-470MHz Stubby GP340/CP040 Antenna
Motorola PMAD4013A VHF 155-174MHz Stubby GP340 CP040 Antenna
Motorola NAD6502AR VHF 146-174MHz Whip Wideband GP340, CP040 & DP1400 Antenna
Motorola GP340 CP040 & DP1400 Compatible UHF Stubby Helical Antenna
Motorola PMAD4012 VHF 136-155MHz Stubby Antenna
Motorola PMAE4002 UHF 403-433MHz Stubby Antenna
Motorola PMAD4014 VHF 136-155MHz Helical Antenna
Motorola PMAD4015 VHF 155-174MHz Whip Antenna
Motorola PMAD4023 VHF 150-161 Whip Antenna
Motorola PMAD4025 VHF 150-161MHz Stubby Antenna
Motorola NAD6566 VHF 136-150.8MHz Helical Antenna
Motorola NAD6567 VHF 150.8-162MHz Helical Antenna
Motorola NAD6568 VHF 162-174MHz Helical Antenna
Motorola PMAD4067 VHF 136-147MHz Helical Antenna
Motorola PMAD4068 VHF 147-160MHz Helical Antenna
Motorola PMAD4069 VHF 160-174MHz Helical Antenna
Motorola PMAE4006 UHF 465-495MHz Stubby Antenna
Motorola PMAE4021 UHF 403-433MHz Stubby Antenna
Motorola PMAE4022 UHF 403-470MHz Whip Antenna
Motorola HAD9743A VHF 162-174MHz Stubby GP340/CP040 Antenna
VHF Whip Antenna Compatible With Motorola GP340 GP300 CP040 & DP1400
Radiotronics VAAT344 GP344 Covert Earpiece
Radiotronics VADS344 GP344 D-Shape Earpiece
Motorola MDPMLN4608A GP344 Covert Acoustic Tube Security Earpiece
Motorola PMLN5002A GP344 D-Shape Earpiece
Motorola HLN9756B BNC GP340 Antenna Adapter
Motorola GP340/GM340 Programming Software
Motorola Compatible RIB Box
Motorola RLN4008 Genuine CP040 GP340 RIB Box
Motorola RLN4460 Radio Text Box
Motorola HLN9742 GP340 Flash Adapter
Motorola GP344 USB Programming Cable
Motorola GP340 Service Manual (Basic & Detailed)
Motorola 3080369B72 Serial RIB Box Cable
Motorola MDJMKN4123B GP344 Series Programming Cable
Universal Motorola Serial Analogue Radio Programming Cable
Motorola GP340 Firmware Upgrade (to v8)
StarTech ICUSB2321F USB To RS232 DB9 FTDI Serial Adapter Cable
Motorola PMNN4201BR Li-Ion 1050mAh GP344 Battery
Radiotronics AM-4023LI 1100mAh Lithium Motorola GP344 & GP388 Battery
Motorola JMNN4023A Li-Ion 1100mAh GP344 GP388 Battery
Motorola PMNN4202AR GP344 1600mAh Li-Ion Battery
Motorola PMNN4073 1350mAh Li-Ion Battery
Motorola PMNN4074 1400mAh Li-Ion Battery
Motorola PMNN4094 2100mAh Li-Ion Battery
Motorola 3680529Z01 CP040 & GP340 Plastic Volume Knob
Motorola 1880619Z06 Volume & On/Off Potentiometer
Motorola 3680530Z02 GP340/CP040 Plastic Channel Knob
Motorola 4080710Z21 GP340 16-Position Channel Switch
Motorola 0104031G98 GP344/644 Refurb Kit
Motorola GP344 to 2-Pin Accessory Audio Adapter
Motorola PMLN7560A Covert Earpiece for Microphones
Motorola MDRLN4941A Covert Earpiece for Microphones
Motorola PMLN7396 Listen Only D-Shape Earpiece for Microphones
Motorola PMLN4421 Soft Leather Case w/ Swivel Clip
Motorola PMLN4471 Hard Leather Case w/ Swivel Belt Loop


Below is a list of downloads for the Motorola GP344. If you would like further information on the Motorola GP344 please call 01425 533 533.

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