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TPRadio TP9000Ex ATEX Analogue Two Way Radio

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Detailed Information

The TP9000Ex is an ATEX analogue two way radio from TPRadio. A unique product that combines mechanical robustness alongside state of the art radio technology, the TP9000Ex has a user friendly design making communications easy between operatives. Alongside being ATEX certified the radio also has Extensive Marine Certification meeting the SOLAS Regulation changes scheduled for 1 July 2018. The TP9000Ex meets IP67 protection standards, with the radio having a full Ingres protection against dust, whilst also being safeguarded against submersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Man Down helps to ensure the safety of users, monitoring the orientation of the radio, this coming in extremely useful due to the radios being designed for use dangerous working environments. Should the radio be laid on its side for a pre-set period of time then a bleep will be sounded, if still un-responded to then an alert will be sent out to other radios within the network to notify them of the unresponsive operative. Long operational time of 16 hours means that the radio is more than sufficient for long shift work, this being supplied by a 3000mAh Li-Ion battery that comes as standard with the TP9000Ex.

The TP9000Ex makes use of various signalling types including CTCSS and 5-Tone. A power output of 2 Watts is the highest available for marine radios, whilst also having the options of pre-programmed marine channels should they be needed in your working environment. Not only a great fit for marine environments, the TP9000Ex is suitable for such industries as chemical, fire brigades, emergency and rescue services, airports and off-shore industries such as oil and gas.

Features Explained

Man-down Feature

Man Down provides remote monitoring of workers by detecting if their radio is upright, or if the radio is on it's side assumes there may be a problem. Radios which support Man Down are fitted with an accelerometer (or similar device) which allows them to detect the orientation of the radio. If somebody slips or falls, they are likely to be on their side, Man Down will automatically detect this, activate and transmit an alert to call for help from a supervisor or other team members. This works is almost the same way as your smart phone which knows if you have it positioned portrait mode or landscape mode. See this video below to see how the a works.

Man Down Demonstration Video

The Accelerometer Science

The science which allows man-down to work is almost the same way as your smart phone which knows if you have it positioned portrait mode or landscape mode. See this video below to see how the a works.

 Man Down is built-in to the TPRadio TP9000Ex.

Ofcom Licence Options

All licensed radios require a licence issued by Ofcom. Radiotronics can facilitate that and make the application on your behalf. Below are the licence options.

Ofcom Licence Options
Simple UK Simple Site Suppliers Light Technically Assigned
Security / Construction Hospitality / Bars etc. Hire Companies Large Buildings
£75 for 5 years £75 for 5 years £75 for 5 years From £100/yr
3 shared assigned channels that can be used anywhere in the UK. Any of our handheld two way radios can be programmed to SImple UK. Up to 15 shared channels that can only be used at your premises. Any of our handheld two way radios can be programmed to SImple Site. Up to 15 shared channels that can be used for rental companies anywhere in the UK. Unique channels technically assigned only to you. Used for repeater based systems.
A note on licensed frequencies. The Ofcom licence you hold or buy denotes the frequency your radios will operate on. If you already have some radios and you would like your new radios programmed the work together, please select technically assigned, and email us your ofcom licence details to websales@radiotronics.co.uk. If in doubt, please call us on 01425 533 533.

Technical Information

Included In The Box Radio, Battery, Antenna
Accessory Connector TPRadio - 16 Pin Connector
Display Non-display
Analogue or Digital Analogue
Band (VHF or UHF) UHF, VHF
Frequency Range N/A
Channels 16
Signalling Type CTCSS
Man Down Yes (Built In)
Ingress Protection IP67
Type / Group Handheld Radio
Height (mm) 137
Width (mm) 64
Depth (mm) 31
Weight 250.0000
Brand TPRadio
Model TP9000Ex
Manufacturer Part Number TP9000Ex
Intrinsically Safe ATEX

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