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Hytera TM600 Mobile Two Way Radio

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We also sell a base station version of this radio: See the HYT TM-600 Base which is exclusive to Radiotronics.

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Looking for Hytera TM600 Accessories?

We have a vast selection of accessories for the Hytera TM600. View all Hytera TM600 accessories here

Detailed Information

Hytera TM600 is a UHF or VHF (not both) mobile radio designed for ease of use. But don't be fooled by it's simplistic design, the TM600 is jam packed with features making this radio one of the most popular radios on the market today.

Hytera TM600 Programming

The Hytera TM600 is available in two different versions: VHF and UHF. Which you should choose, very much depends on your own requirements. See the information below. If you're unsure, we can help with this. Please contact us by telephoning 02087 190 180 or email onlinesales@radiotronics.co.uk.

Pre-programmed Frequencies

When purchased from Radiotronics, The UHF Hytera TM600 can be supplied, programmed, on the three published frequencies: 449.3125, 449.4, 449.4750 Mhz. The VHF Hytera TM600 will be supplied preprogrammed on the 7 available published VHF frequencies: 164.0500, 164.0625, 169.0875, 169.3125, 173.0500, 173.1625, 163.0875 Mhz. This allows you to purchase a Simple UK licence and ensure that the Hytera TM600 will work out of the box.

If you hold, or are purchasing, a Simple Site Licence, Technically Assigned Licence, Taxi Licence or any other licence, we will program the radio to your assigned frequencies - all we need are your frequencies.

Hytera TM600 Features

Here's a run down of the TM600 features.

Powerful Loudspeaker

The HYT voice compander and  powerful loudspeakers ensure a clear audio output.

Emergency Call

With the emergency call button, both radio transceivers can transmit an emergency call signal.

Lone worker / Lone Driver

The Lone Worker / Lone Driver offers you additional safety when you are working alone and outside from your team. If you do not respond to a warning tone that is emitted at regular intervals, an emergency call is automatically transmitted to base.

Operation via vehicle ignition key, time-controlled switch-off

The radio transceiver can be switched on and off together with the ignition of the vehicle. In this case, the device can be switched on only
via the vehicle ignition and is automatically switched off after a preset time after the engine is switched off.

Programmable keys with background illumination

Radiotronics can program any of the keys allow quick and easy access to the most frequently used functions.

Line-connected "cloning" function

This function allows transferring the radio parameters quickly and easily from one radio transceiver to another radio transceiver.

UST (User Selectable Tone)

You can select the CTCSS/CDCSS codes via a programmed function key.

Varied Scan Options

The TM-610 scan enables a single or multi-zone scan. With the scan
functions, channels can be added/removed and interference channels
can be deleted. In addition, you can select a priority channel.

Channel Scan

The scan function of the TM-600 also contains the priority channel
search, selection of a priority channel as well as temporary deletion of
an interfered channel.

Other Features

  • Dual home channels
  • Auto transpond
  • Time-out timer (TOT)
  • Busy channel lockout
  • BOT  ID / EOT  ID
  • Off-hook decode
  • Selectable squelch levels
  • Frequency reverse
  • Talk-around function
  • Leasing operation
  • 5-tone signalling for TM-610*
    *requires SM07R1

What's Included in the Hytera TM600 Box

  • Hytera TM600 Radio
  • Hytera SM11R1 handheld Microphone
  • Hytera BRK04 Installation Bracket
  • Hytera PWC06 12v Power Cable
  • Hytera POA15 Spare Fuse
  • Hytera Microphone Holder/Clip

Optional Accessories

Here is an extensive list of optional accessories for the Hytera HYT TM600 radio. Some accessories may not be available on our website. However, all Hytera products are available by talking to our sales team by telephone or by email.


  • Base: Hytera SM10R2 Desktop Microphone
  • Mobile: Hytera SM11R1 Hand-held Microphone, Not Speaker Microphone (Supplied as standard)
  • Mobile: Hytera SM07R2 Hand-held Microphone, Not Speaker Microphone - IP54 Water & Dust Resistant

External Speakers

  • Hytera SM09S2 External Speaker

Power Supply Accessories

  • Hytera PS22002 300W Base Station Power Supply
  • Hytera PWC05 Vehicle Power Cord (3m, 15 A)
  • Hytera PWC06 Vehicle Power Cord (3m, 10 A)
  • Hytera POA15 Fuse (10A, DC)


  • Hytera BRK04 Mobile Installation Kit (Supplied as Standard)
  • Hytera BRK12 Rackmount Bracket for up to 2x Hytera PS22002 300W Base Station Power Supplies

Technical Information

Analogue or Digital Analogue
Band (VHF or UHF) UHF, VHF
Channels 8
Signalling Type CTCSS, DCS
Lone Worker Yes (Built In)
Type / Group Mobile Radios
Height (mm) 43
Width (mm) 152
Depth (mm) 125
Weight 1000.0000
Brand Hytera
Model TM600
Manufacturer Part Number TM600

Hytera TM600 Accessories

Here are just some of the accessories available for the Hytera TM600. For the full list of accessories, pleae see our dedicated Hytera TM600 accessories category.

Hytera SM11R1 Microphone
Hytera SM07R1 DTMF Microphone
Hytera SM10R2 Base Microphone
Hytera PWC06 Power Lead
Hytera BRK04 Radio Trunnion Mounting Bracket
Hytera RD625 UHF / VHF Repeater
Hytera RD965 Portable Backpack Digital Radio Repeater
Hytera RD965 Complete Backpack Repeater Package (Battery, Duplexer, Antenna & Microphone)
Hytera RD985 DMR (Non-XPT) Radio Repeater
Hytera RD985S DMR XPT Radio Repeater
Hytera PS22002 13.8v 300w Radio & Repeater Power Supply
Hytera MD785 MD655 TM600 TM610 Radio Power Supply & Desk Console
PowerSonic PS-12350 35Ah 12v SLA Battery
PowerSonic PS-12550 55Ah 12v SLA Battery
Panorama M8 Body Mount Antenna Base
Panorama MMR-5F Mag Magnetic Mount Antenna Base
Panorama SM Shock Absorber
Panorama SP8-0129 Antenna Whip Tip (Pack of 10)
Panorama AVB Tuneable Antenna Whip
Panorama AVHB Tuneable Antenna Whip (Hinged)
Panorama AVGHB Tuneable Hinged 3dB Gain Antenna Whip
Hytera TM600 Base Station Taxi Office Two Way Radio


Below is a list of downloads for the Hytera TM600. If you would like further information on the Hytera TM600 please call 01425 533 533.

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