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Motorola SLR1000 Repeater (Coming Soon)

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Detailed Information

The SLR1000 is a digital repeater from Motorola. A low power mobile repeater, the SLR1000 runs off a standard 12v connection ensuring that you receive cost-effective coverage. With the capability to perform on low power, the SLR1000 has a space saving design that is helped by the repeater not using a fan cooling system, due to its small stature and space conscious design this reduces energy usage and potential installation costs of a larger repeater. Available for both UHF and VHF frequencies, the SLR1000 has a channel capacity of 2.

Built to IP65 rating, this means that the SLR1000 has a full Ingress protection against dust intrusion whilst also being safeguarded against jets of water from all angles. Am easily mountable repeater, the SLR1000 can be located on walls or poles, allowing for the using organization to take advantage of additional locations to further their communications coverage.

The SLR1000 can work alongside both conventional and trunking systems, those that support both voice and data communications, this allows for the using organization to continually expand their network as the business grows. For use with conventional systems, it is possible to deploy the SLR1000 with extended range direct mode, this allowing for communication range to be expanded without the purchase of additional frequencies.

Motorola Warranty Options

As standard Motorola DP series two way radios are supplied with a standard "client return to base" (RTB) warranty. For an extra fee you can choose to purchase an extended warranty from Motorola called "Service from the Start" (SFS).

There are three levels of SFS extended warranty, each with increasing levels of cover - Lite, Essential and Comprehensive.

  Standard Warranty Service From The Start Lite Service From The Start Esssential Service From The Start Comprehensive
Period of Cover 2 Years RTB 3 or 5 Years
Manufacturer Defects Only - -
Covers Normal Wear & Tear - -
Covers Accidental Damage - - -
Turnaround Time 10 Working Days 5 Working Days Next Day Same Day
Non-Technical Support
10am - 4pm, Mon-Fri
Technical Support
10am - 4pm, Mon-Fri
- -
Software Support Bug Fix Only Bug Fix Only
Shipping Included Return to
Client Only
Return to
Client Only
Return to
Client Only
Both Ways

Notes: Turnaround time does not include transit time. Shipping "Return to Client Only" means repaired goods will be shipped back to client.

Ofcom Licence Options

All licensed radios require a licence issued by Ofcom. Radiotronics can facilitate that and make the application on your behalf. Below are the licence options.

Ofcom Licence Options
Simple UK Simple Site Suppliers Light Technically Assigned
Security / Construction Hospitality / Bars etc. Hire Companies Large Buildings
£75 for 5 years £75 for 5 years £75 for 5 years From £100/yr
3 shared assigned channels that can be used anywhere in the UK. Any of our handheld two way radios can be programmed to SImple UK. Up to 15 shared channels that can only be used at your premises. Any of our handheld two way radios can be programmed to SImple Site. Up to 15 shared channels that can be used for rental companies anywhere in the UK. Unique channels technically assigned only to you. Used for repeater based systems.
A note on licensed frequencies. The Ofcom licence you hold or buy denotes the frequency your radios will operate on. If you already have some radios and you would like your new radios programmed the work together, please select technically assigned, and email us your ofcom licence details to websales@radiotronics.co.uk. If in doubt, please call us on 01425 533 533.

Technical Information

Display Non-display
Rackmount Height N/A
Analogue or Digital Analogue, Digital
Band (VHF or UHF) UHF, VHF
Frequency Range 403-470
Channels 2
Signalling Type CTCSS, DCS, DMR
Type / Group Repeaters
Weight 2000.0000
Brand Motorola
Model SLR 1000
Manufacturer Part Number SLR1000

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