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Two Way Radios For Nightclubs

Two Way Radios For Nightclubs

One of the most essentials tools nightclubs have which most don't realise are there are the two way radios. As explained in this article, Two way radio (or walkie-talkes) are absolutely essential for communications between management, bar staff, operations staff and the door-supervisor team. A simple two way radio system would have the following channels.

  1. Security Entry & Operations
  2. Management to Bar Staff & or Restaurant

Radiotronics is an accredited partner for Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, Entel, Hytera and Tait. That means Radiotronics can supply all brands of two way radio and you can be sure that we'll suggest exactly the right product for your business.

Two Way Radio Earpieces For Nightclubs

When working in loud environments, earpieces are absolutely essential.

Cover Acoustic Tube

This type of earpiece slides straight into the actual ear canal. It ensures that audio from the two way radio is fed directly to the eardrum. That means that you don't have to have the radio volue very loud to hear the radio audio, even in loud environments. But you can't share these types of earpieces for obvious hygiene reasons.

D-Shape, C-Shape or G-Shape

D-Shape, C-Shape or G-Shape earpieces are a much better option for environments which are not extra loud such as bar/nightclub front doors. Because they sit on the outside of the ear, there are no major hygiene issues with different users using the same earpieces.

Which Nightclubs Buy From Radiotronics?

You're in good company. Supplying the late-night economy with two way radios since June 1998, we are a supplier to some of the UK's most recognised bars & nightclubs.

Two Way Radio Supplier to Wetherspoon Bars
Yates's Bars
Walkabout Bars
Two Way Radio Supplier to Lloyd's No.1 Bars
Two Way Radio Supplier to Flares Bars
Two Way Radio Supplier to The Corporation Nightclub Sheffield

Licence Free Vs. Licensed Two Way Radios

Almost every time the word licence is mentioned, business owners run a mile. This is because typically the word licence is associated with paperwork. The reality is that Radiotronics takes care of all paperwork and even then the licence is once every 5 years, and costs just £15 per year for totally unlimited radios. Licensed two way radios cost almost the same as licence-free to buy, but with a number of significant improvements including audio quality and range.

Licensed Nightclub Two Way Radio Benefits

  • £15 Per Year Site Licence (Unlimited Radios)
  • More Robust & Durable - Lasts Longer
  • Vastly Improved Range - For Medium to Large Nightclubs
  • Vastly Improved Audio Quality - Louder & Clearer
  • Emergency Features - One Button Emergency Switch
  • Lone Worker & Man Down Options
  • Extended Battery Life - High Capacity Batteries Available

As you can see, licensed school two way radios are much better and have many more benefits. To ensure you select the correct solution, start as you mean to continue, with licensed two way radios.

Licensed Nifghtclub Two Way Radio Suggestions

The following two way radios are just suggestions for nightclubs and bars. But we have a whole section on licensed two way radios. For medium and even larger bars and nightclubs, licensed two way radios are essential. As mentioned above, you'll also need a £15 Per Year Site Licence (Unlimited Radios) but we'll do the paperwork for you.

Hytera TC620
Analogue Radio

From £65.00+Charger*

Motorola VX-261
Analogue Radio

From £99.00+Charger*

Kenwood TK-D340
Digital Radio

From £150 Incl. Charger*

Motorola DP1400
Digital-Ready Radio

From £114.99+Charger*

* Prices subject to change without notice.

Licence-Free Two Way Radio Suggestions (Smaller Bars & Clubs Only)

The following licence-free two way radios are just suggestions. We have a whole section on licence-free two way radios. Licence free radios are ideal small nightclubs and bars only. For larger bars & clubs, see the licensed radio section above.

Hytera TC-446S
Analogue Radio

From £43.00+Charger*

Motorola XT180 Twin Pack
Analogue Twin Pack

From £89.00 Incl. Charger*

Motorola XT420
Analogue Radio

From £99+Charger*

Kenwood TK-3401D
Digital Radio

From £135 Incl. Charger*

* Prices subject to change without notice.

How Do I Order?

Tip: Pay by credit card for next-day delivery.

If you'd like to buy two way radios, we've made ordering from Radiotronics really simple. We have made a selection of radios that are absolutely ideal for nightclubs. You can see these below. If you'd like to place an order, you can do so online and simply select "Bank Transfer or Payment By Card Over The Phone" as the payment method. If you're buying licensed radios, don't forget to also buy the Simple Site Licence aswell.

If you're looking to rent long or short term, call 01425 533 533 or email sales@radiotronics.co.uk and ask about our Nightclub Two Way Radio Hire or Rental.

But I'm Not Too Sure What I Want, Can I Just Talk To Someone? Of course. Speak to our nightlife radio specialist account managers by calling 01425 533 533 or email sales@radiotronics.co.uk and ask about our Nightclub Two Way Radios.