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Security Two Way Radios

Two Way Radios for Security

The industry which almost definitely uses the most two way radios is the security sector. Radiotronics provides two way radios for all of the security sub-sectors.

  • Door Supervisors
  • Manned Guarding
  • Close Protection
  • Private Surveillance
  • Control Room

Radiotronics is an accredited partner for Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, Entel, Hytera and Tait. That means Radiotronics can supply all brands of two way radio and you can be sure that we'll suggest exactly the right product for all aspects of the security sector.

Earpieces are absolutely essential in security. See our security earpieces below for a selection of covert and over-ear earpieces.

Two Way Radios For Door Supervisors

Door supervisors are required in almost all late night venues across the UK to help with safety aspects such as venue capacity and crowd disturbances. Communication between workers is a necessity in such situations, allowing different members of the security personal to be beckoned quickly should an issue arise.

The size of the venue has an impact on the number of people working as security, although a single room venue would still require a communication method, a venue that spanned over multiple floors or rooms would require a more complex system.

A communication system allows for the members of the security team to remain in contact with the venue management at all time, alerting when the venue is reaching capacity or highlighting an issue.

Due to the often loud nature of such venues, when purchasing earpieces it is often recommended that a member of staff use an in-ear earpiece, this to ensure clear reception of messages.

Close Protection Two Way Radios

Close protection usually means that the thing you are guarding something fairly important, with personnel being close by and watching at a distance, meaning sources may need an extended range in their communications.

The environment can determine what band or type of radio needed, where in a built up city a UHF radio would be required due to the signals having to breach structures, A VHF radio would be better put to use at an event such as a festival to protect artists where there are large open spaces.

Push to talk over cellular can also be an option for such operations, this due to its extended range allowing for a control room or supervisor to remain in contact with security personnel. PoC allows for instant communication, the only breach being should the user enter an area with little to no cellular coverage such as tunnels or underground rooms, unless a WiFi network is available.

Should PoC be something you are interested in learning more about, Radiotronics are partnered with WirelessConnected to supply satellite broadband.

Surveillance Two Way Radios

In surveillance discretion is a key aspect therefore wires and radios must be able to be well hidden. Clear acoustic tubes can be used with earpieces to ensure that incoming communications are hidden from unwanted eyes, allowing for communication and instruction in an instance.

Location tracking is available via handsets using GPS ensuring that the location of an operative is known at all times, with software being available for all leading manufacturers ensuring the base station is kept up to date with current location and status of the radio and its user.

Surveillance work may lead to considerable distances being covered, push to talk over cellular would be an ideal implementation due to the extended reach of communications, allowing for updates to be made no matter what distance between the two devices.

Security Two Way Radios Earpieces

Security personnel will require different headsets depending on what environment they are working in. Acoustic earpieces allow for the discreet use of a two way radio, often having the possibility to both receive and transmit without touching the radio, more commonly using an in-line microphone.

Common earpieces found in the security sector include:

  • 2-wire earbud
  • 2-wire Acoustic
  • D-Shape
  • G-Shape

Security Control Room Solutions

Control rooms are the centre of planning and implementation of working environments, monitoring progress and ensuring safety and efficiency in the workplace. A central location allows for a supervisor to be monitoring activity of workers, using CCTV to look for potential issues allowing the security personnel to be notified ahead of time.

Radiotronics can supply dispatch solutions for a variety of differing manufacturers including TRBONET from Motorola, Smart Dispatch from Hytera, RMS-Net from Icom and Two Way Radio Anywhere if a PoC radios are purchased. These software have a variety of functions, more information can be found on our control solutions page.

Some of the benefits that a control room solution can offer include GPS radio tracking, IP repeater connection with no gateway radios, radio recording, telephone interconnect and complex call routing.*

*Features based on package chosen, may not apply to relevant software.