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Radios Anywhere

Two Way Radio Anywhere

Radiotronics Two Way Radio Anywhere, our push to talk over cellular solution, gives you complete flexibility combining traditional two way radio functionality with innovative 21st-century GPS and tracking functionality. Whether your team members are in the same building or in another country, your team can stay in contact, have instant communications and their location can be tracked real-time.

No upfront cost: Subject to status, registered UK businesses can get started with absolutely no infrastructure cost and no initial outlay. See below for information on outright purchase, short term hire and long-term rental options.

We have many two way radio options. See below for the options available from a basic lightweight portable radio to a fully integrated vehicle based radio. That means we have the right radio for any requirement.

Feature Highlights

Yes! You really can use your two way radios anywhere...

  • Truly, Use Your Radio Anywhere
  • 3GPP MCPTT & OMA PoC Compliant
  • Connect Using Mobile Phone Signal or WiFi
  • Fully Manageable Dispatch Console
  • Browser/Cloud Based - Use Anywhere
  • Instant Connect - No Dialling or Ringing Delay
  • Shared Cross-Device Contact List
  • Private & Group Conversations
  • Priority Interrupt & All Call
  • Active Status Shows When Users Are Online
  • GPS (Google Maps) Portable Radio Location Tracking
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking (Mobile Radio)
  • Lone Worker
  • Call Logs
  • Message Logs
  • Good Range of Radio Options
  • Bluetooth Headset Options
  • Purchase / Lease / Payment Options

PC-Based Dispatch Console

  • Browser/Cloud Based - Use Anywhere
  • Make Calls Directly from Dispatch Console (Microphone Required)
  • Create / Update / Add / Delete Radios & Users
  • Create / Update / Add / Delete User Groups
  • Remotely Switch On and Off Radio Features
  • Remotely Stun Radios (Disable and Enable)
  • GPS Portable Radio Location Tracking
  • GPS Vehicle Radio Location Tracking
  • Historic GPS Records
  • Call History & Logs
  • Call Recording
  • Lone Worker Alarm Mangement
  • Text Message Send/Receive & Message Logs
Did you know? To get all these features in a traditional dispatch console would usually cost in excess of £2,500+VAT. And that's not including the repeater, antennas etc. This is included in the monthly service charge for free.

Sectors for which Push-to-Talk Over Cellular & Wifi is Ideal

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular & Wifi can use used in any sector. But the sectors below are four examples where we have had great success.

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular for GPS Tracking & Fleet Management
Fleet & Vehicle Communications & GPS Asset Tracking
PTT Over Cellular For Farm GPS Tracking
Farm Machine & Vehicle Communications & GPS Asset Tracking
Push-to-Talk Over Cellular For Building Site Builders & Asset Tracking GPS
Building Site Communications & Team Member Location GPS Tracking
Push-to-Talk Over Cellular for Security Patrol
Security/Patrols & GPS (Remote) Tracking

Wide Range of Two Way Radio Options

You can choose from 4 very different two way radio options. All of which offer connection via mobile phone signal or WiFi.

Basic Entry Model
Semi-Pro Model
Advanced Model
Vehicle Model

Worried about coverage?

We use a type of sim-card that roams almost all networks in the UK. It finds the strongest signal and locks on to it. That means that no matter where you are, yu should be able to get a good signal. If you would like to check how good the signal will be for you on any of the main networks, see the links below.

virgin media coverage
EE coverage
EE coverage

Secure, Resilient Infrastructure

We guarantee 99.99% uptime-availability and 100% data resilience and data-security. There is nothing more important than uptime-availability, resilience and security...

Uptime & Resilience: Our infrastructure is industry-best. There's a mirror in two separate UK data centres. That means that if one site goes down, the backup will take over. This allows us to guarantee 99.99% uptime.

Security: Our infrastructure is completely based in the UK. Your data will be held in an AES-256 encrypted database on FDE encrypted hard drives on a HP Blade server. Your call log and recorded call information is ISO9001 compliant & secured to the highest industry standard.

Super-fast Speed: Our Two Way Radio Anywhere solution traffic is routed via Telehouse, a backbone for the global internet network and has the fastest carrier-interconnecting connections in the UK. That means that our service has no noticeable digital latency which results in instant communications for a true Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT) solution.

Tip: When considering a prospective PPT-over-cellular provider - be sure to ask who owns their infrastructure, where it's located and what resilience and redundancy measures they have. Nothing is more important than uptime-availability, resilience and security.

Cost? How Much Is This?

Registered UK businesses can purchase outright, rent long-term or hire short-term. With outright purchase, you'll also need to subscribe to a service-plan. With rental and hire options, all service-plan charges are included.

Tip: Did you know that you can even hire the two way radios from as little as a month? Subject to status, and inventory availability, we offer short-term rental options. Call us today to ask about our short-term option.

How do I get a quote? Really easy. Speak to our solutions specialist by calling 01425 533 533 or email sales@radiotronics.co.uk and ask about our Two Way Radio Anywhere solution.