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Motorola Wireless Microphone

This is the accessory page for the Motorola PMMN4096A, Motorola PMLN7122A, Motorola PMLN7121A, Motorola MDRLN6551A & Motorola PMLN6716A.

Motorola Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone

Motorola Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone

This is the Motorola wireless microphone solution. This innovative wireless microphone system allows the use of a totally wireless remote speaker microphone with any of the bluetooth-enabled portable radios including the DP4401e, DP4601e, DP4801e, DP3441e and DP3661e.

The wireless microphone system also works with bluetooth-enabled mobile radios including the DM4401e and DM4601e. This is ideal when used in a vehicle, but also equally ideal when used as part of a base station installed system as the operator can be up to 10m away from the radio.

The amazing wireless remote speaker microphone system has great features that are not always present on cheaper models. There is a 3.5mm audio-out jack so a listen-only earpiece can be connected directly to the microphone for more private conversations, there's a programmable orange button that can be used as an SOS button (programming required) and also a up/down volume control.

Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Radio Microphone

The Motorola wireless microphone solution cannot be used with radios that o not have bluetooth. Until now that is.

This is the Motorola PMMN4097C bluetooth-enabled microphone which allows the use of the wireless remote speaker microphone system with non-bluetooth radios such as the DM4400e and DM4600e.

This microphone can also be used on mobile radios when used as base station so that a control room operator can also use a wireless remote speaker microphone.

Dual Slot Charger or Vehicle Charger

There are two methods of charging the Motorola Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone system.

Twin Slot Charger

The amazing twin slot charger can be used to charge two units at once. You could also charge one wireless microphone and one spare battery so that one (or even two) batteries can always be on charge ready for use.

Vehicle Based Charger

Motorola have also extended their innovation to a in-vehicle charger which also doubles up as a cradle. This allows not only allows the unit to remain charged, but also allows the wireless microphone to be ergonomically mounted in an easy to reach position within the vehicle. Finally, the vehicle charger is supplied with an integral cigar lighter plug which allows the charger cradle to be easily installed without the need for an auto-electrician.